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Mole Removal in Manchester & Cheshire

At CLNQ in Cheshire & Manchester mole removal can be performed by surgical excision. This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic in our CQC registered clinics.


clock icon Duration 30 mins

price iconPrice From £295 (Histology from £150)

calendar iconReturn to work Immediately

The mole that is excised may be sent for analysis to exclude any changes in the mole. The procedure usually takes about 30-45 minutes to perform. After a mole removal Manchester & Cheshire patients usually receive sutures or stitches to close the wound after the mole has been removed. A dressing is applied for around a week following your procedure. The stitches are removed between 1-2 weeks afterwards.

Is my mole dangerous?

Most moles are benign or non-cancerous. If you have a longstanding mole that has not changed then the likelihood is that your mole is benign. To help identify if a mole is dangerous there are certain features to look out for and these include:


If a mole is more than 5mm in size or if it has grown in size


If the mole is irregular


If there are irregular borders


If there has been a change in colour or if the mole has variation in colour within it


If there has been bleeding without injury


If a mole has developed itchiness

If your moles has any of these features you should arrange a consultation for assessment of the mole.

Before and After

This patient had a benign mole (naevus) on her nose prior to mole removal in Manchester & Cheshire.

This was treated with one session using the CO2RE laser. The result is shown at 4 weeks. There is a small scar where the mole was originally.

manchester mole removal patient before
manchester mole removal patient after

What are the risks of mole removal?

The main potential risks include:


All methods of mole removal will result in a permanent scar.


Infection is uncommon following mole removal.


Some bleeding or oozing can be expected after mole removal. This usually stops quickly with a little pressure to the area.

Incomplete excision

Some techniques such as shave excision or laser mole removal may not fully remove the mole. This is also the case with surgical excision although the likelihood of incomplete excision with surgical excision is less common.


The is a risk of the mole growing back. This risk is higher if you have a shave excision or laser mole removal.

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