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Buttock Filler in Manchester and Cheshire

Discover non-surgical buttock fillers or bum fillers, also known as non-surgical Brazilian bum lifts (non-surgical BBL), available at CLNQ in Manchester and Cheshire and enjoy a renewed look brought to you by our team. A non-surgical Brazilian bum lift (BBL) is is a non-invasive and safe procedure, that non-surgically lifts, builds, sculpts, rounds and shapes the area to help you achieve a plumper look.

We offer this at our Manchester and Cheshire clinics, so that we can help you achieve a more defined and lifted bottom without the surgery. This is a non-invasive and safe procedure that non-surgically lifts, builds, sculpts, rounds and shapes the area to help you achieve a plumper look. This involves the use of fillers specifically formulated for the area. The buttock filler procedure is performed by our trained doctors or nurses.

What are Buttock Fillers?

There are a number of ways that you can restore volume to the buttocks from non-surgical to surgical options. EmSculpt Neo is muscle stimulation device that can help increase muscle bulk and helpful for the gluteal or buttock muscles. Non-surgical options include Lanluma or bum fillers. Our Cheshire & Manchester buttock fillers use a hyaluronic acid filler specifically designed and formulated for body contouring. They offer a less invasive approach to buttock reshaping or hip dip treatment. The surgical option involves using fat transfer BBL surgery or buttock implants to enhance the volume in the buttocks.

What are the benefits of Buttock Fillers?

With buttock fillers Manchester & Cheshire patients can expect benefits that include:

  • Safe and painless procedure
  • Natural results
  • Treatment takes only 30-45 minutes
  • Minimal downtime
  • Gradual emerging results that can last upto 2 years
  • No need for surgery

Buttock Filler Frequently Asked Questions

How is non-surgical buttock filler administered?

The area will be sterilised and local anaesthetic will be applied. The injections will then begin and take no longer than 15-30 minutes normally. Once all of the buttock filler product has been administered, a massage will be carried out to disperse the products and avoid tiny bumps forming. It is recommended that this massage is carried out twice daily for the following two weeks after treatment for optimum results.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required to achieve the desired result will vary from patient to patient however it can vary from between 1-3. Your doctor or nurse will be able to provide an indication at consultation.

How many injections will I need?

The number of injections and quantity of product will depend on the area being treated and on the individual patient and be subject to consultation. This will depend on which areas we are treating.

How quickly will I see results from buttock fillers?

You will usually see immediate results following the bum filler procedure. There may be some swelling in the first few days which can make things look more fuller than the final result.

How long will the results of buttock fillers last?

The duration of results will vary between patients and depend on many factors. On average patients expect to see results last up to 18 months.

Are there any side-effects of buttock fillers?

Most patients are able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment although it is common to experience redness, tenderness, and swelling however this should reduce over the coming hours. Applying an ice pack and taking over the counter pain relief may help if required. A delayed rare side effect could include the formation of tiny bumps under the skin in the treated area. In the majority of cases, these bumps are not visible to the naked eye. Granulomas are lumps that form under the skin and can happen with any filler treatment. Infection is uncommon but can occur following any injectable procedure. It is also uncommon to experience skin necrosis during this procedure but cases have been reported.

How much do buttock fillers cost?

Buttock fillers start from £750 depending on the area of treatment and volume required, a quotation will be supplied subject to consultation.

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