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FaceTite in Manchester and Cheshire

FaceTite™ is a minimally invasive radiofrequency device for skin tightening of the face and neck. The FaceTite device heats the tissues from within the skin to reduce fat and tighten skin.

What is FaceTite?

At CLNQ in Cheshire & Manchester FaceTite is a minimally invasive radiofrequency device for skin tightening and fat reduction. FaceTite has become a hugely popular treatment worldwide. FaceTite can be used for many areas of the face such as the neck, jawline, chin and eyes. The AccuTite™ probe is smaller than the FaceTite and used for more delicate areas such as around the eyes and nasolabial folds.

How does FaceTite work?

The FaceTite device uses a small fine probe that is passed underneath the skin using a small incision. This heats the tissues from within to cause shrinkage of fat and tightening of the skin. The machine is able to monitor and limit the temperature of the tissues and skin to ensure that it delivers a safe and effective amount of heat. With FaceTite Manchester & Cheshire patients can combine it with other procedures such as a mini Facelift or blepharoplasty to improve the overall appearance of the procedure. We would also often use Morpheus8 in combination with a FaceTite ™ procedure.

What are the risks of FaceTite?

During the treatment of FaceTite Cheshire & Manchester patients usually receive local anaesthetic. The procedure may be combined with some liposuction or a mini facelift procedure. The potential risks and complications include:

Bruising, Swelling, Bleeding

It is normal to get some swelling after any treatment and this usually takes a few days to settle. Some patients may also experience bruising or bleeding which is can be related to medication being taken. Some medicines such as aspirin and herbal supplements can increase your risk of bleeding and bruising. This procedure can cause prolonged swelling in some patients.


The heating can cause excessive redness of the skin and there can also be excessive swelling following the procedure.


The heating of the skin can potentially cause burns although the FaceTite device has a number of safety features that help reduce the risks of burns.

Nerve Injury

There is a potential for damage to sensory or motor nerves during any invasive procedure. The nerve injury is often temporary although permanent injury can occur rarely. It is normal to experience some numbness soon after the treatment. These can include drooping in the corner of the mouth.


Any surgical procedure will result in scarring. The scar is permanent but in most people it will improve and fade with time. In some patients, hypertrophic or keloid scarring may occur resulting in raised, red and lumpy scars. The incision for the probe insertion with this procedure are usually very small.


Infections are uncommon following these procedures although they may occur. Usually these would improve with use of oral antibiotics.

Contour Irregularities

There may be some contour irregularities following the procedure such as or lumpiness. This usually improves with time and we recommend lymphatic massage following the procedure to reduce risks of this.

Changes with Time

The results are usually seen early following the procedure but the skin tightening effects can take up to a year to be fully evident. As time progresses, the skin laxity will recur and the results may change.

FaceTite Frequently Asked Questions

Who is FaceTite suitable for?

At CLNQ in Manchester & Cheshire FaceTite is best suited for patients with mild skin laxity resulting in mild jowls or those with a small area of area under the chin. The ideal patient would have a normal or ideal body weight. If you have a lot of skin laxity or loose skin then you may require other procedures such as a mini facelift or facelift.

What areas can FaceTite treat?

FaceTite can be used for improving the skin laxity in the jowl region. It can be used for the treatment of the double chin. The AccuTite ™ may be useful for areas such as eyelids or nasolabial folds.

Is FaceTite painful?

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic. Some patients may experience some discomfort during the procedure. The procedure is usually well tolerated by most patients.

When can I see the results?

You will see some results immediately but there will generally be some swelling early on. The skin tightening effects take several months, even up to 12 months, before they are fully noticeable.

How much is FaceTite?

The cost of FaceTite depends on the areas being treated and generally starts from about £5500.

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