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Intimate Lightening in Manchester and Cheshire

Pigmentation or darkening of the intimate areas such as under arms, external genitals, groin and perianal area, nipple and areola can have negative impact on relationship and self esteem. We offer medical grade intimate lightening in Manchester & Cheshire at CLNQ. Demand for these procedures has grown even more in popularity since hair removal and permanent laser hair removal of intimate areas has become more common. This treatment around the buttock area is commonly referred to as 'anal bleaching' and a common concern.

What Causes Pigmentation In The Intimate Areas?

Inimate hyperpigmatation is due to over production of melanin that involves the darkening around the anal and external genital areas. The melanocyte activity is higher is these areas. There are 20% more pigment producing cells, melanocyte, in the genital area compared to the face. The main causes include:


The ageing process takes place in the genital and perineal areas similar to the rest of the body. Reduced elastin and collagen production causes. Loss of elasticity and change of colour of these areas.

Genetic predisposition

It has higher prevalence in darker skin colours.

Hormonal changes

Fluctuating oestrogen levels are associated with pigmentation. Increased oestrogen levels present with contraceptive pills and HRT can stimulate activity of tyrosinase enzyme that leads to production of melanin.

Body care habits

Waxing, shaving and other forms of hair removal can cause abrasion to skin surface which leads to inflammation which results is melanocyte activity and melanin production.


Tight pants and underwear which rubs against inner thighs creating friction can also effect the skin by thickening and change of colour.


High sugar diets, oestrogen is also present in some foods.


Mesoestetic has created a formula that in one single session can improve the appearance of intimate area. This is a 2 stage protocol with one session in clinic (Phase 1) and treatment at home (Phase 2). Phase 1 is correction and phase 2: regulation. The Dermamelan Intimate is the antiaging depigmentation method that achieves excellent results for antiaging and depigmentation. At CLNQ in Cheshire & Manchester intimate lightening has unique active ingredients with a depigmenting efficacy which is safe.


With intimate lightening Manchester & Cheshire patients can have the treatment used for the following areas:

  • Genital area
  • Under breasts
  • Axilla or armpits
  • Inner thigh or groin
  • Perianal or anal area
  • Mons pubis or pubic area

Intimate Lightening Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the consultation?

You will have a consultation with our team who will ask about your concerns and desired outcomes. They will take a full medical history and examine you. They will discuss the treatment plan with you and explain the procedure and aftercare. The Phase 2 home care instructions will also be given.

How long does the treatment take?

Intimate lightening is one session in clinic followed by 45 days of treatment with a gel at nighttime at home.

How long does it last?

On average, intimate lightening may last about 1-2 years depending on the severity of the pigmentation.

Is it painful?

The intimate lightening or bleaching is a relatively pain-free procedure.

Is it the same as anal bleaching?

Anal bleaching is the common term used for intimate bleaching or lightening.

Is skin bleaching safe?

Our intimate lightening treatment is a safe and effective treatment that is performed by qualified practitioners using established ingredients. There are some agents available for home use or online that can be harmful if not used correctly. We recommend having this treatment under supervision at a medical clinic such as CLNQ.

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