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Earlobe Reduction in Manchester and Cheshire

At CLNQ in Cheshire & Manchester earlobe reduction is a procedure to reduce the size of the earlobes. The earlobes can droop with ageing or are naturally large in some individuals. The ageing process can affect the earlobes causing them to sag or droop. Some people naturally have large earlobes that can look droopy. The procedure of earlobe reduction helps to reduce the size of the earlobes by removing some of the tissue from the earlobe.

Prior to the earlobe reduction Manchester & Cheshire patients will plan with our specialists the amount of tissue to be removed during the procedure. There are two main ways to remove the tissue either using a wedge or trim technique. The wedge technique involves removing a wedge of tissue from the middle of the earlobe. The trim technique involves excising the tissue from the lower part of the earlobe. The surgeon will inject the earlobe to make it numb before the procedure. The tissue is removed and then the wound edges are stitched together.

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How is earlobe reduction done?

Earlobe reduction is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic. The surgeon will inject the area to make it numb before the procedure. We then excise the excess tissue to reduce the size of the earlobe. The surgeon will then suture the skin together with stitches.

What are the risks of earlobe reduction?

During an earlobe reduction Cheshire & Manchester patients will receive local anaesthetic. The procedure involves removing excess tissue and suturing the wound edges using dissolvable stitches. The potential risks with earlobe reduction include:

Bruising, Swelling, Bleeding

It is normal to get some swelling after any treatment and this usually takes a few days to settle. Some patients may also experience bruising or bleeding which is can be related to medication being taken. Some medicines such as aspirin and herbal supplements can increase your risk of bleeding and bruising.


Recurrence of sagging or drooping of the lobule following reduction. The ageing process continues and so with time the earlobes may sag again. This can be worsened by use of heavy earrings that can cause more ptosis of the earlobe.


All patients have some degree of asymmetry between the earlobes and sometimes reduction may result in some difference between the two sides.


Any surgical procedure can result in change in sensation to the skin in the surrounding area. This is due to some of the sensory nerve being cut during the procedure.


Any surgical procedure will result in scarring. The scar is permanent but in most people it will improve and fade with time. In some patients, hypertrophic or keloid scarring may occur resulting in raised, red and lumpy scars. The scar will be either along the rim of the lobule or within the earlobe.


Infections are uncommon following these procedures although they may occur. Usually these would improve with use of oral antibiotics.

Indentation or Notching

There may be some indentation or notching along the repair line following the procedure.

Change in Earlobe Shape

There may be some change in shape to the earlobe following reduction. This will be based on your anatomy and amount of tissue that is removed.

Earlobe Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

What is earlobe reduction?

Earlobe reduction is a procedure to reduce the size of the earlobes following ageing or in patients who have naturally large earlobes.

When can I go back to work after earlobe surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery is a local anaesthetic outpatient procedure. Most people will go back to work the next day. You will normally have some skin glue covering the repair.

How long does earlobe repair surgery take?

The earlobe reduction procedure is usually about 45-60 minutes and performed with you awake under a local anaesthetic.

When can I pierce the earlobe after earlobe reduction?

We usually recommend waiting between 2-3 months after the earlobe reduction before you pierce the earlobe.

How much is a earlobe reduction?

The price for earlobe reduction is from £2000 for both sides.

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