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EmSculpt Neo

At CLNQ Clinic in Manchester EmSculpt Neo uses the latest dual energy device for fat reduction and muscle building combining radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology. We are one of the only clinics in the North West to offer the revolutionary EmSculpt NEO. Our flagship clinic in Deansgate Square offers the latest device. This is the latest upgrade from the original Emsculpt device. This unique device deliver two forms of energy. There are clinical studies that have shown up to 30% reduction in fat and 25% increase in muscle bulk following a course of treatment. The applicators are applied to the specific areas being treatment and the energy delivered. The procedure requires no anaesthetic and relatively painless. You feel the muscles contracting during the procedure and it is said that a 30 minute session is like doing about 20000 abdominal crunches or sit ups.

How does EmSculpt Neo work?

Emsculpt Neo latest non-invasive device uses radiofrequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy. The radiofrequency energy causes a heating effect on the tissues which results in fat reduction. The high intensity electromagnetic energy causes repeated muscle contraction which results in muscle growth.

Where can EmSculpt Neo be used?

With Emsculpt Neo Manchester patients can have it be used on various parts of their body. The diagram shows the areas where it can be used. The most common sites for EmSculpt NEO are the abdomen and buttocks. The device on the abdomen causes contraction of the abdominal muscles and reduction of fat. There are clinical studies that have shown the benefits in reduction of muscle separation or diastasis following EmSculpt NEO treatment. There are smaller applicators that allow us to use the machine on areas such as the arms, thighs and legs.

EmSculpt Neo Frequently Asked Questions

Does EmSculpt Neo hurt?

The device is non-invasive and relatively painless. There may be some discomfort from the repeated muscle contraction and we can adjust the intensity should it become too much.

When can I go back to work after treatment?

There is no downtime following this procedure and you can return to work or normal activities after the treatment.

How many EmSculpt Neo treatments do I need?

The recommendation is that patients should have 4 sessions each lasting about 30 minutes to see the best results. The treatment sessions are usually about 5-10 days apart.

Am I suitable for EmSculpt Neo?

Most patients will be suitable for the procedure. However, the following are contraindications for treatment and so patients with the following conditions are not suitable:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Cardiac defibrillator device
  • Pacemaker

When can I see the results after treatment?

Some patients may see some results after a single treatment although most will have a full course of 4 sessions. The result continues to improve with repeated treatments or maintenance. The duration of results will vary between individuals.

How much is EmSculpt Neo?

The usual price for a course of 4 sessions is £2000 or a single session is £500. The EmSculpt Neo is available in our Manchester clinic at Deansgate Square.

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